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Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Videography

Everybody wants their videos to be spectacular. Sometimes you come up with a content to improve Instagram or TikTok presence but ultimately end up making some rookie mistakes.

You keep wishing if you had a video camera?

With the changing technology, mobile phone cameras have been evolving and getting better and give you more and more powerful tools and features in your pocket. Flagship mobile phones are almost the price of a entry level camera.   But you get additional features like calling and texting your crush...


Mobile cameras can surely not beat the quality of the cameras because of the basic reason being the sensor size which is inside the camera. But you can surely apply some rules from the books. which can be useful to give you a head start and getting the most out of your handheld devices.

The Lights

One of the most important setting is your lighting. People often forget where the source of light is when they start filming. If you look closely to the professional videos, you will begin to notice the magic of evenly distributed light. Try to shoot your videos in morning, evening or if you are lucky, a cloudy day.

But, what happens when you are shooting indoors with minimum setup?

Simplest thing you can do?

Just place your camera in between you and your window... Voila Magic!!

You can apply the rule of lighting triangle. This rule applies like your subject, camera and the light source should make a triangle. This will bring perfect exposure and clarity to your video.

Clean & Simple Background

Most professional V-loggers, News-channels and any other platforms that focus on a particular subject or you might see this in interview videos, they have a very clear and simple background. The whole point is to bring complete focus on the subject.

The subject is the king. You lose it with stray objects. You might lose focus in your mobile device due to these stray items put in the frame when system AI catches them. Hence, the simpler the better. We will also talk about the value of composition below.