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5 tips to Improve Your Mobile Photography

Photography as a passion has never been easier than the current times. Mobile camera has become one of the most important buying propositions. Companies are aggressively launching better and better camera phones every day. The whole trend started when people started posting more and more professional looking gorgeous pictures of their daily lives on Instagram and Facebook. Yet a skilful person behind the camera is equally important if not more. We would like to share some skills that will make your every click awesome.


Focus on one subject

Every picture that wants to tell a story behind it, is a great picture. When we focus on certain subject we want it to outshine the other parts of the picture. Our purpose is to make the viewer notice the subject at first glance itself. Just like a star in the party.

For this purpose you can isolate the subject in many ways. Either drop the aperture till your subject is the most prominent part of the canvas and other backdrop things are more or less blurry. Abstract backgrounds can also help you isolate your subject. Some photographers identify lead lines that follow up to the subject.

Negative spaces also build a smart focus your subject. Sometimes we try to fill the canvas, but professionals say that a canvas with a 3rd of negative space can bring out masterpieces.


Use gridlines whenever possible

Gridlines are helpful in more ways than you can imagine. The canvas in front of your lens is picture perfect for your eyes but not so much when cropped to the five inches of your screen. Grid helps you to reimagine the symmetry of your creative perspective.

Rule of thirds is a part of this activity. When you switch on the grid you see that screen is now divided by two horizontal and two vertical lines. Two things can be done to follow this rule:

  1. Try to keep the subject nearer to the points where grid lines cross.

  2. Or try to keep subject on the lines only where it can either fill 1/3 of the canvas or 2/3 of it.


Look for symmetry

Nature loves symmetry. Even you fall in love with a more symmetrical looking person, trust me. Photography cherishes symmetry too. It provides a sense of balance in the photograph. And when we say balance, you try to balance not only subject but the environment too.

The gridlines in tip number two will always help you find symmetry and compose a eye catching picture. The whole point is if you can naturally divide the canvas into two halves either it be diagonally, horizontally or vertically. This rule may have some exceptions while clicking landscapes. In that case you might use leading lines for better photograph.


Light Distribution is the key

Whether it is a morning, evening or just a cloudy day, each scenario has the best light exposure. But what about the rest of the day? So as we say, exposure is the key. You must have noticed the ‘EV’ settings that your camera gives. This setting is perfect to adjust the brightness exposure as per your need. Use it, till you find your perfect image.

One more relevant fact that might intrigue you. Use you flash during the day for close-ups. Professional use this trick for better light distribution over there subjects. Mobile photography is very difficult at night. Rather than using flash you can go to Pro-mode and decrease the shutter speed for better pictures, but be careful.


Find new perspectives

Any normal scenario can be turned into a stunning picture just by tweaking the perspective of it. Easiest way to do it – Just change the camera angle. A stupid angle may find you a unique image, who knows. You can use props that can give you imaginary leading lines or focus. Playing with filters is one popular way to change the tone of how your picture speaks.

Perspective is the core of creativity in photography. It cannot be taught like a rule but only experimented and observed. So a photographer must always have eyes open and become a keen observer.

If you are a real enthusiast of mobile photography, we recommend you to buy a small tripod, and it is totally worth it. Your photography and videography will turn amazing.

Photography is a balance between rules, perspective and creativity. All the best and enjoy the game as it gets more and more enticing every day.


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