4 easy ways to get out of Auto Mode

4 easy ways to get out of Auto mode in your DSLR and click awesome pictures.

You invested a fortune to buy that DSLR and now your dial is stuck on that A. Most of the people are afraid to play with camera options or they are lazy enough to find out. People think that going far from the subject, zooming in and taking a good bouquet picture is professional photograph. No it is not. The same thing can be done without worrying about the conditions.

We are not talking about going directly to M. Manual mode is something that even professional don’t try much. Every year companies like Canon, Nikon and Sony spend a fortune to bring exceptional features. Yet few basic tricks will never change, maybe not until AI becomes photographer itself. Here are top five of those ways that can get you of the Auto mode:


Program Mode

Somewhere around your dial you will find a humble program mode (P) which may seem like you are still in the auto mode. This is the easiest mode to steer your talent out of Auto because the aperture and the shutter speed are automatically adjusted by the camera. ISO or the sensitivity to light is one of the factors that you may change using this setting. Some scenes require a tweak in the ISO like night photography where you increase the sensitivity or photography in broad daylight where you try to decrease it.

This mode has very limited possibilities but is enough to get you past the Auto mode. In program mode you will also have control over light metering, focusing and flash light. Focusing you already know perhaps you are wondering what light metering is. Camera settings try to make the brightness average of all things inside the frame. You can decrease the area it averages by changing the light metering. That’s how some masterpieces can be achieved in the Program mode itself.


Shutter Priority mode

This mode is written as <