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Real Cost of Video Production in India for 2021

Updated: Jun 21

Read the whole blog. A surprise awaits you at the end

A commercial video has different factors involved in costing calculation. Many clients think that video production costs must be low in 2021 as so many kids buy cameras these days and offer ridiculous prices to begin their career. But once these newbies start to reach the level of quality you demand, they either give up or raise the prices even more ridiculous.

Understanding that price is a very important factor to survive in the Indian industry of cinematics.

If you are about to hire a videographer for your commercial, this blog is for you. If you are a new videographer, this blog is definitely for you and will help you in pitching clients better. So, Stay tuned, let’s begin with the major factors involved in videography.

Idea and Script:

Before production begins a script needs to be made and approved. As per the script, only other factors can be justified or cost can be reduced. Either the videographer writes the script himself or he may need individuals like a scriptwriter, copywriter, and content writer. In other countries, this work can range from 15,000 Rs. to 80,000 Rs. but in India, people think it’s free.

It’s a commercial video so you must always choose a good writer for ad films. For event-based videos, you may not need them as a cinematographer works spontaneously in such situations. A script can add up to 10% of the production cost which is roughly Rs. 6,000-12,000


The Production phase is where the real cost is involved. The type and level of equipment involved, the location, the crew, and its traveling, and the kind of talent present on the set make up the costs. Only a guy with a good camera costs from 10,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 per day of the shoot.

Transportation cost may be fixed or charged on a per Km basis. It is an overhead that can be reduced in the script phase itself. But if the level of creativity involves an absolute matching location, one must never compromise.


Yes, high-end cameras cost a fair amount cost from Rs. 5,000-20,000 Rs per day of rent. Such cameras are capable to shoot 4K videos and more. The situation may also demand a high-level lens, a good mic system, ambient light setup, stability devices like a gimbal, etc.

Special added equipment like cranes, trolleys, rails, and other movement assistance devices are called upon as necessary. Generally, an operator accompanies these machines for the best results.