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Videos as part of branding - How can video-based content benefit your upcoming brand?

Undoubtedly, the world changes every day. It has evolved and, above all, reinvents itself at every moment, making people need to adapt. In digital marketing, this is no different, mainly because it is a segment that requires constant updating.

As a result, new channels and tools emerge and offer countless opportunities. Due to its growth and representation, today we will talk about video-based content, a strategy that is winning many customers.

But what exactly is video marketing?

Unlike traditional television advertising, video marketing currently offers many new possibilities. With the advancement of technology and the internet, digital marketing has advanced a lot and video marketing has also transformed.

Currently, videos can be short or long and in different formats, such as:

  • Tutorials

  • Interviews

  • Animations

  • Questions and answers

  • Product demonstrations

  • Institutional

  • Webinars.

Each video type can be adjusted according to your purpose. A video-marketing strategy, if properly applied, has the impact needed to generate a large reach and, in many cases, turn visitors into new leads. But to engage the user, it is not enough to record anything and disseminate the video on any platform. You need to have a strategic plan to be able to reach your audience assertively.

Assertive communication

Surely we all know that often when faced with a very long text, people change the page. Therefore, investing in video marketing is a good alternative, as it is an agile, practical and creative way to convey information.

By having more dynamic video-based content, it is possible to produce attractive materials, even though scripts that do not just talk about branding, but that tells a story that moves and generates identification in those who are watching.

In this way, creating this type of product is a great way to create a relationship channel with the persona, as it makes communication more intimate, bringing the company closer to its customers.

Still not convinced that video-based content is worth investing in? We have separated below the main benefits of using videos in your digital marketing strategy. Check out!

8 benefits of using videos in marketing your business

It is certain and known that the video format is responsible for the growth in the number of interactions on digital platforms. In addition, this type of content is characterized by bringing a lot of benefits to your business.

More and more organizations are investing in the development of their social networks. However, it is not enough to bet on content creation. It is necessary to know which type of content best suits your company.

Below we listed why you should bet on this type of format:

  • Easy understanding: Videos are a great way to present complex content using clear and objective language for a lay audience. Many people are not willing to read a very large text and opt for videos that explain the content in the simplest possible way.

  • Greater engagement: With video marketing, it is possible to convey a lot of information through images, audio, music, lettering and animation. All these stimuli help to more easily attract the viewer's attention and, consequently, engage them.

  • Better ranking: Including videos on the website and in blog articles favours a better ranking of the page. That's because videos on websites increase the user's time on the page and make the content more complete, which is an important factor for Google. In addition, it is possible to rank the video-based content itself on Google through YouTube.

  • Videos generate authority and credibility: Video advertisement Marketing is being increasingly effective for those who use the strategy for the production of educational videos. They teach their audience about their niche market. By understanding what your company does and how it does it, you show not only a solution to their problem but the best solution.

Thus, it is possible to create a certain basis for your customer to choose your company, generating authority and credibility, since you end up becoming a reference in the market.

  • Increase in sales: With video-based content, your company can become more known. And with good scripts, it is possible to win several customers. Possible sales growth may justify investing time and money in video production. Video tends to influence the behaviour of users and one of the actions that are influenced is the purchase of new products or the hiring of new services.

  • Conversion rate improvement: Text or audio content and the use of images can help improve lead conversion. But nothing helps more at this point than video-based content. In a video, the potential customer can understand more clearly the usefulness of your products and learn in a tutorial how to use them.

With video, the user tends to want to keep following information about your company, consuming your content more often, and creating trust in your branding, which will often end up in a purchase.

  • Higher share rate A well-produced video has the power to thrill, entertain and delight the consumer. Its visual language provides greater chances of being shared on any social network, consequently bringing a greater number of views.

  • Short-term return on ROI ROI (Return on Investment) is one of the main metrics evaluated by companies in their marketing strategies. With an investment in video marketing, your company's new campaign can have a much faster return on investment than just using images, for example.

Research shows that most of the time, the ROI of a video campaign tends to bring profit in a much shorter period than campaigns in other media formats, such as images, radio spots or text ads.

Video-marketing: Brings the brand closer and generates emotions

Videos convey emotions in a much more direct way than other mediums. And people share and interact with emotions. Audio-visual contact helps create a connection with the user, in addition to conveying more conviction and credibility.

With all that in mind, you need to communicate with your persona, think about what problems they have, and help them with solutions in your video content. The market is competitive, so it is necessary to innovate and be original. Also, the video must be suitable for each platform. Today it is possible to use videos on the blog, landing page, social networks, email marketing, and YouTube, among others.


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