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6 ways to make video advertisement your best marketing tool

Big brands become big not with deep pockets but with smart rockets. They follow an omni channel approach to marketing. They target you everywhere. But enough with the static ads they say. They continuously now opt for Commercial ads and Youtube marketing. Small and medium scale businesses are following their leads.

The post-COVID scenario is hampering the regular old forms of advertisements and building a new pathway of video promotion. With smaller budgets also one can easily promote via Tik-Tok and Youtube types of platforms to generate more and more customer leads.

Everybody is getting aware of this and competition is at an all-time high. So how can you get ahead in this battle? Generate engaging content. Here are the best ideas for making engaging videos that can strike you six on every ball:


Educational Content

Don’t think we talk cliché because nothing brings curiosity more than knowledgeable insight. Just don’t make it boring. Make a one minute video where you teach an intriguing insight into the business that nobody knew. Let your customers take a bite of the bigger things that your brand offers. Just make sure the video shows the class of your mastery in the subject you talk about.

Longer seminars can be separately promoted and sold for free. Many entrepreneurs have gained momentum likewise in Corona period. They continue to market themselves as a social cause for free education all the while selling recognition and products in the background.


Product Demo

Trust built by demonstration videos reaches the customer’s subconscious. They immediately agree with the features that you promise. You can go through every detail about how it works and why it works. Lure them to experience it first-hand.

A more effective way to reach more crowd is to tie-up with an influencer or reviewer. Offer them your product and services for free. They tend to showcase it on their social media channels. The audience today is fond of Youtube personalities checking out hot market products. The attention span for such videos is very high too.


Company & Office Tour Video

There was a day where websites could justify product accountability but not now. Just infographics and gallery shots are not enough. Industries want to show their hard work in motion. A company or office tour not only brings brand reliability but justifies the vision and mission for which the company exists.

Sell your customers the grandeur of your operations and teams. Tell them the culture that you have imbibed in the organization. Show them how any of your new product was created, the teams that worked hard on it.

Take a small look at one our videos that we did with Ruby Hall Hospital, Pune.



Blogging or vlogs may sound like a challenge but mobile apps like KineMaster, etc. have made it too handy to resist. This method especially helps when you as a proprietor of a small or medium scale business don’t want to waste large sums of money on advertising.

Generating organic video content about your day to day hustle, your wins, and losses as an entrepreneur attract a large audience in the long run. Here, you are selling them motivation, the hottest selling buns on the internet these days. You can even monetize the platform later on for a new source of income if needed.



The grandeur of a brand is directly proportional to the magnitude of the events they host. Even if your business is new and you have become a part of charity even, show it. The world always expects a positive vibe from whatever they purchase.

Coca Cola is one of the best examples. Their reputation is to partner in local and global events that make people happy. Then they run their commercial same time as – ‘Open Happiness’. Capturing your organization’s events and making cinematic advertisements around it grabs every eye. Let people get more into your universe and they will someday become loyal customers.


Client Testimonials

It is said that the biggest promotion to date is word of mouth. People believe other people’s opinions about any product. Whether you are in the service industry or product based, a good mouth will bring in three times more business. Find the clients that are loyal to you, record what they have to say, and start video campaigning on all channels.

But we must warn you – don’t fake it like those early morning sky shop commercials. They are funny and useless. The community wants to hear a life story where somebody was affected by your product. You can take inspiration from brands like Nestle’s Maggi. With this strategy, they even survived the great ban of 2016.


Combine all of the 6 and you will generate a masterpiece of the advertisement world. With people losing attention span on reading things, content videos are the new best ways to hook them up. You can easily take professional help in videography and editing that may justify your further expenditure on commercial and social media advertising. Go ahead, give it a try and let your smart marketing rockets make your business fly.

You can always hire professionals for more in dept discussion on how to build brand value using the video formats and get more out of the market. Check out our video work


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