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5 ways for Guilt-Free Business during Corona Pandemic

Nobody knew what was upon us when we heard the name Corona. Horror and panic are all over the news. For the first time, mankind is united against one single enemy in the fight for survival. While some people are annoyed by the lockdown in their nations, others are more concerned about their businesses and jobs.

Big corporations and businesses generally keep their cash-flow uptight for such situations. They have more resources to keep their work ecosystem alive. But what about small businesses like yours and mine? How do we pay those unnecessary bills when cash inflow is nil?

Small businesses are in a guilt state and the dilemma of selling in such times. They think their sales pitch might tarnish their brand image amongst the clients for being so indifferent towards the Corona Crisis. But we need to pay our employees and the bills, right? Here are some techniques that can help you save your business in such times without any guilt.


Buy 1 give 1 free

This is a simple sales strategy that can take your brand image to a new level. When you sell your product to the customer, pledge to give something to the needy. You can give away masks, medical kits, food, clothes, anything. As long as your sales are helping others fight Corona, you are doing an honourable contribution.


Percentage contribution

Sometimes it can happen that you may not be able to volunteer for the Buy 1 give 1 type scheme. In this case you can announce a certain percentage of your fee as a donation towards needy people. You can partner with local NGOs and contribute to their funds mentioning the same in campaigns as well.


Help the peers

Sometimes it happens that businesses in your locality might not be fortunate enough to continue their business in lockdown. You may extend a helping hand to contribute a certain amount of daily sales profit or tips from the business and help them pay their own bills.


Free Subscription

Students today are also facing a crisis for education. The privileged ones are attending online classes but life as stopped for others with lesser means. If you are a business that provides paid lessons in some skills. Make these lessons free for the ones who cannot afford. Everyone has a right to grow in these times and your business can make that happen.

Even if you are not relevant to this category of business, you can partner with others that do.


Tips to Employees

If your business runs with the help of delivery partners, pledge certain percentage for their well-being out of your business.

We have discussed just the tip of the iceberg, there is a universe of opportunities and ideas out there. Times are difficult for everyone right now and our businesses have all the rights and power to make things work.

The ultimate goal of this post is to realize you with a fact that being guilty of selling things is a wrong idea. You have to survive through this pandemic and so must your business. Saving the jobs of your employees is one big contribution in itself towards society. So buckle up for a new dimension where you will continue as a thriving business all the while, becoming a crusader against this global pandemic.


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