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Is Live Streaming really Worth it?

The use of live streams in events is an increasingly strong trend in the market. If before the resource was seen as a bet to expand publicity and audience, today the resource is a creative and innovative solution to make events even better.

Be your event online or hybrid, it is necessary to value their quality- after all, doing a life on the cell phone is not the most professional option, right? To make a professional live stream, you'll need video quality, security, and additional features that free platforms like social media don't provide.

Today, let us find out what are the main benefits of video streaming. Here we go?

Why use live streaming at events?

With the evolution of platforms for live streaming online and greater ease in producing and making digital content available, new formats emerged and became increasingly widespread options in the market.

Today, we live in the era of digital events, that is, events that are broadcast in real-time on content platforms. Because it is something broad, two formats can be used:

Online events : In them, the entire public follows the event from a distance through the chosen live broadcast platform. You can choose to have all speakers perform remotely or record in a professional studio.

Hybrid events : In this model, there is a mix between face-to-face and online. Thus, part of the public follows the event in person and there are also those who watch it from a distance. Here it is also possible to have remote speakers. There is a wide range of benefits made possible by using live video streaming at events. Below, we list the top six.

Increases the scope of the event : Imagine that your event has a physical capacity of 200 people. Would it be possible to expand this capacity to more than 2 thousand people? It would have, but the cost would also be proportionally increased to reach this number of participants.

With the use of live stream online technology, you have no limits on your reach. Your event can be attended by people from anywhere in the world, even if the physical presence of the public is restricted or non-existent.

  1. Reduces event costs : When the size of the physical space and the displacement of people to the event is no longer a concern, another advantage of using live video streaming becomes clear: the reduction of costs with physical spaces and infrastructure. Live streaming has become an ace in the sleeve for many companies and event producers. After all, the feature allows you to bypass the cost barrier to create a high-impact, highest-quality event- ​​dramatically reducing the investments mentioned in the previous paragraph. If you work with corporate events, know how these savings become even more valuable for a company. With less expense for airfare, transportation, accommodation, and other costs to bring together collaborators and speakers from different locations for an event, you will make your event more profitable.

  2. Stimulates audience engagement : According to a study, engagement for a live stream is 10 times higher than for recorded content. This is because a live is happening in real-time and is a format that allows interaction with the public- and, of course, benefits from this feature. For example, your live can have social sharing buttons, hashtags counter, and interactive chat for you to receive and respond to live messages. In addition, you can use interactive banners, use the description and even provide QR Codes on the screen in favour of audience engagement. You can even use the Top Sharers tool to show which viewers brought the most people to the live stream online. It is a gamification resource integrated with the power of lives and social networks that allows you to encourage and reward the most engaged users - either with a bonus or exclusive discount.

  3. Strengthens event branding : Among the main benefits of using live video streaming at events, it is worth highlighting how they can expand the promotion and recognition of an event. By creating live and online buzz around them, they are an opportunity to take the experience and content beyond the physical space. Greater public engagement with the event enhances the buzz effect and strengthens the marketing strategy. Thus, investing in a professional live stream will bring great results.

  4. Capturing qualified leads : Imagine that your live stream was watched by 500 viewers. What will you do to reconnect with this audience after the live is over? Because they are people who were interested in your event, they can become customers or partners of your business. In this way, broadcasting an event on digital platforms makes it even easier to capture qualified leads for your company. To access the event, the user will need to register on the platform used- providing data such as name, email, telephone, company, position, and other strategic information. So you can use a marketing automation tool to get in touch with these potential customers and establish a relationship. Thus, it will be possible to send newsletters and even promotions for related products.

  5. Monetization of the event : Lead capture and audience reporting aren't the only benefits unique to professional video streaming platforms. If you are looking for monetization possibilities for your event, the free tools do not offer attractive options. Social networks do not allow you to do private lives and, therefore, only allow monetization through sponsorships or the sale of live products. In this way, you will be able to use the resource strategically to increase your revenue. In addition to the online ticket price being at your discretion, purchases can be made before and even during the event.


To complete the list of benefits, it is worth mentioning that holding an event on live stream online allows for the strategic use of content after the event. For example, you can use this material in your company's content strategy, sell it to the public, or even make it available on your own platform- there is a wide range of possibilities.


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