9 tips to improve camera presence of your subject

As a professional videographer you will come across a plethora of subject types. The excited ones, the jittery ones and the ones who have no idea as it would be their 1st time. You cannot let an unprepared subject ruin your craft. The camera presence of the subject is an essential element of any video, especially interview type videos.

In the starting of your career your videos might not even have a director who can cheer up the subjects or say CUT!

These small things will fall upon you and you will have to prepare the subject(s) for better performance. The tips that we are about to share are not only for video makers but vloggers and media reporters as well. You can carry some of these tips to apply as a candid photographers as well.


Make short trial video and show them

It is a professional habit that trials runs are done before the shoot. You capture the various aspects that will help you in deciding the composition of the frame. Most important learning is for the subject.

Whether they stay in the frame, their overall stance and the posture, the kind of audio quality they are producing, you have a timeframe to help them correct all the glitches before starting the video.

Click a few pictures before starting

This will help you even more. You will get a rich lesson about your subject. You can learn the postures that suit them, the body angles that are more camera friendly. This lesson will help getting a strong hold with your subject. You will also win the support of your subject as you a