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6 secrets to Stress-Free quarantine life

Updated: May 21, 2020

Let us start with embracing the fact that all of our lives have changed. Whatever life we have built for ourselves is being challenged in the face of a Global pandemic.

You could blame whoever you want government, WHO, China or the lady that ate the bat, but this doesn’t get better with that. You might have real job or real business to bring safely out of this chaos. Others are just busy without business making reports and presentations for their bosses.

The stress doesn’t end right?

We have total empathy for the challenges you face today.

One of the highest searched term this past few weeks is stress. People have lost their motivation of being alive and positive. You might feel the same. The stress of being inside, the anxiety of the future, the depression given by everyday news, you just want to end it all and come on track like before. The Good News is that you can.

A little mindful effort can make you your best version, even if you are locked inside. Let us share some secrets that have appeared from happily quarantined people.

Embrace the Truth

Go and switch off the news that you keep playing continuously, as if some miracle is waiting right round the corner. News are selling negativity right now, those whatsapp forwards and social media crap is making you anxious, nothing else. Just do one thing, stop browsing mindlessly and embrace the truth. The truth that our lives have been changed forever and we have to deal with it. Truth that the vaccine making will take time. The truth that staying home is staying safe. Every-day checking out the death toll is not a solution.

The solution is –

Embrace the truth. If you are living far away from family, prepare them for long delay in meeting again. Tell your heart that this is the new future. Way of jobs and education will change. Travelling, financial and buying patterns will change. But it’s all OK. Till the time we are alive to hug or call our family and friends, life is still a masterpiece and nobody can take away opportunities we dig everyday.

The practical way to embrace the truth is –

Speak the truth and add a sentence of strength and gratefulness in the end. This adds value in every-life you touch during these days. Try and practice this every day and you will start seeing results.

Find New Space

Sticking to your schedule where you transact with other human beings but for a limited amount of time like your home, job, classes or a social gathering is called your space. Lockdown has stolen this space from you and now you are all cranky all the time. Eating stress-food watching Netflix and sleeping. You are constantly surrounded by same people al