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5 Tips to Post best-quality videos on Facebook

Facebook came way before Instagram and it has adopted many of its new traits from WhatsApp and Instagram. They want to let people hooked too as more and more people are moving on to use Instagram and Reels. The fact that Facebook has 1.62 billion daily active users is enough to motivate anyone to make an easy presence on the planet. You don’t want to lose this tremendous opportunity due to poor quality uploads. Right?

An influencer like you must be prepared with the knowledge about how and in what format your videos on Facebook should be. Blue Owl is obliged to provide you the best information as we did in our similar blog for high-quality Instagram videos. Check it out too.


The best video formats

Facebook supports many types of video formats like 3gp, WMV, DVI, etc. but the most reliable quality is achieved with Mpeg4 format. H.264 is also fine to use which is similar to MP4. This format is widely used on all social platforms so you can use a single edit everywhere. Whether it is from Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X, you can set it right and publish with the desired settings.


Recommended Audio Format

AAC with an audio compression of 128Kbps+ is best for audio on Facebook. Mp3 format is taken obvious choice by non-professional creators but if you got tools, why not try the best you can. Whenever you are downloading a piece of copyright-free music, try downloading in the AAC format itself. One surprising fact for you though, over 80% of the Facebook video content traffic is without any audio. Which means that you need to be more quality conscious.


Perfect Aspect Ratio

The horizontal to the vertical size of any video is called its aspect ratio and is written in the same way as well. Most of the videos seen on Facebook are shared posts so we have two view modes, either landscape or portrait.

The landscape videos are wider and have a horizontal orientation. The portrait videos on the other side have a vertical orientation. Square and portrait orientation is more popular for shorter content that stops people from scrolling. Putting out content longer than a minute must be tried in landscape mode.

Below are the options for all three modes:

  • Landscape – 16:9 or 1280*720px

  • Portrait - 9:16 or 720*1280px

  • Square - 1:1 or 600*600px (minimum)

The video frame rate is not accepted to be higher than 30Fps on Facebook. Video size of up to 4 Gb is upload-able. So, have a progressive scan and H.264 compression. For a mobile view, the size compresses to 2:3 automatically.


Video Lengths

There are many ways of uploading video content and each has its data display limits. There may be organic displays like – feed, stories, 360 videos, etc. Advertising videos can be uploaded as – Carousels, Slideshows, and Collections. Below are the limits that you can remember:

  • Feed – up to 120 mins.

  • Stories – up to 15 seconds

  • 360 Video – up to 40 mins.

  • Carousel – 30 seconds (up to 90 seconds with looping)

  • Slideshow Ads – up to 120 minutes.

  • Collection Ads – up to 120 minutes.

Not every video can be up to 4 Gb in size. 360 video accepts 1.75 Gb and Carousel video up to 2.3Gb. If you don’t follow these limits, you may have problems uploading as the videos might cut short in length. You can always use the looping idea though. For stories, lengthier videos split, which is okay.


Best way to upload

You must always try to upload from the desktop rather than a mobile device. The quality of the videos remains intact this way. Having uninterrupted internet is obviously a smart choice. Always take a preview before posting. The grid may crop the display so you must choose the covers wisely as well. The format must be selected as per the video size and experience you wish to provide.



Here is what you can remember for the best output:

  • Record video inappropriate aspect ratio as per the desired output on Facebook.

  • Export file in Mp4 or H.264 Codec

  • Use AAC format audio files

  • Export from your editing software at 3500 kbps bitrate and 30 fps.

  • 9:16 aspect ratio is the most popular.

  • Video lengths vary from 15 seconds to 120 minutes. Do plan your video in advance.

  • Prefer using a Facebook browser rather than the app

  • Have a strong internet connection.

  • Format videos to at least 1080px wide for any ratio

Organic and marketing reach increases with the use of perfect video content. They are set to produce 70% more traffic than usual ads. You have more opportunities as the platform is huge. So, get out there and have your fun in the best quality.


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