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Social Media Marketer


Job Type


About the Role

Key Responsibilities:

- Social Media Strategy: Develop and execute a comprehensive social media strategy aligned with the brand's objectives and target audience. Identify key social media channels and create plans to maximize brand exposure, engagement, and conversion.

- Content Creation and Management: Create compelling and visually appealing content for social media platforms, including text, images, videos, and infographics. Collaborate with graphic designers, photographers, and videographers to produce high-quality content that showcases our packages

- Community Engagement: Foster a strong community of enthusiasts by actively engaging with followers, responding to comments and inquiries, and initiating conversations. Implement strategies to increase user-generated content and encourage brand advocacy.

- Social Media Advertising: Plan and execute paid social media campaigns to promote our brand and products. Monitor campaign performance, analyze metrics, and optimize advertisements to achieve maximum ROI. Stay updated with industry trends and implement innovative advertising techniques.

- Influencer Partnerships: Identify and collaborate with relevant influencers, bloggers, and vloggers to increase brand visibility and reach a wider audience. Manage influencer relationships, negotiate contracts, and track campaign effectiveness.

- Social Listening and Analytics: Monitor social media channels for brand mentions, customer feedback, and industry trends. Utilize social listening tools to gather insights and make data-driven decisions. Prepare regular reports on social media performance, key metrics, and competitor analysis.

- Brand Management: Maintain brand consistency across all social media platforms. Develop and enforce social media guidelines, voice, and tone for the brand. Monitor online reputation and address any negative feedback or customer concerns promptly and professionally.

- Collaboration and Cross-functional Support: Collaborate with the marketing team to align social media efforts with overall marketing campaigns and initiatives. Coordinate with other departments, such as customer service and product development, to ensure a seamless brand experience for customers.


We are seeking a talented and dynamic Social Media Manager to join our brand. As a Social Media Manager, you will be responsible for developing and implementing effective social media strategies to enhance our brand's online presence and engage with our target audience. Your primary goal will be to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to our website, and ultimately boost sales through various social media platforms.

Qualifications and Skills:

- Bachelor's degree in marketing, communications, or a related field.

- Proven work experience as a Social Media Manager or similar role, preferably 1 years+

- In-depth knowledge and understanding of various social media platforms, trends, and best practices.

- Excellent English written and verbal communication skills, with a keen eye for detail.

- Strong creative and visual thinking abilities, with proficiency in content creation tools and software.

- Analytical mindset with the ability to interpret social media metrics and generate actionable insights.

- Familiarity with social media management tools and scheduling platforms.

- Experience in social media advertising and campaign management, including budget allocation and performance tracking.

- Familiarity with media culture and knowledge of regional nuances is a plus.

About the Company

We are a full-service video production company, specializing in capturing candid and natural footage, as well as post-production and editing. Our team of expert videographers and editors are dedicated to helping you soar to new heights with our comprehensive range of services, just like an owl hunting from its aerie. From high-end luxury videos to candid footage, we'll be your silent hunter in the world of videography.

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